Application Industry

Water and waste water

Municipal water supply:

Pressure measuring instruments by WIKA are used in all fields of the municipal water supply: in production and preparation of raw water to obtain drinking and sanitary water, as well as for water storage and distribution.

Municipal wastewater treatment:

Our measuring instruments are also used in most diverse fields of municipal wastewater treatment, e.g. in overfall, rain retention and aeration basins, settling ponds, raking systems, filter presses, digester towers, as well as in compressed air supply. WIKA has a wide standard range of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments and submersible pressure transmitters. We will help you make the right choice – contact us!

Industrial wastewater treatment:

The IPPC regulation forces the industry to use the Best Available Technique (BAT) in order to optimise the wastewater discharge. Therefore there is a growing interest in wastewater treatment systems with state-of-the-art measurement technology. Here, too, WIKA offers innovative solutions in the field of pressure, temperature and level monitoring.

Application examples:

  • Level measurement in wells, high-level/underground tanks and open bodies of water
  • Filter monitoring
  • Pumping and booster stations
  • Control of mains pressure


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