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Chemical industry

Ability to meet any challenge:

The chemical industry makes extremely high demands on all instruments used within the process. They are subject to strict international guidelines like the PED and ATEX. Electronic and mechanical measuring instruments for pressure, temperature and level are used for general applications as well as in potentially explosive areas, and must operate as satisfactorily in aggressive environments as in non-aggressive environments. In order to ensure long-term process safety under these difficult circumstances, a regular calibration of the measuring instruments is recommended.


Stainless steels are mainly used as standard materials in chemical process technology. The worldwide commonly used materials 316L and 1.4404/1.4435 are generally employed. For chemical processes involving highly-aggressive media, – in combination with diaphragm seals/gauges with diaphragm for pressure measurement, or thermowells for temperature measurement as well as bypass chambers and tubes for level measurement – an extensive range of chemically-resistant materials is available. In this case, all wetted parts are made of this special material.

WIKA – Your strong partner:

Our standard product range includes products that can be used in numerous ways. Individually tailored advice and proposals, to match solutions to your needs, supplement our extensive offering of products and services. Our expertise and dependability, in addition to our worldwide sales and service network, has made WIKA a global contracting partner with many well-known names in the international chemical industry.



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